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pergola blinds

Pergola Blinds New Zealand

Pergola blinds, commonly known as ZIP blinds or functional blinds, provide essential wind, rain, and pest protection, along with shading and visual privacy.  For premium pergola blinds and pergola shades in Auckland and the surrounding areas, turn to Louvresky as your trusted source for high-quality solutions


Quality Pergola Shades

At Louvresky, we want to make sure you find the best pergola blinds when you shop online. Our motorised outdoor ZIP blinds act as outside visors and shades providing privacy and protection from sun, heat, wind, rain and insects.

Product Motorised outdoor zip roller blinds
Fabric Arcylic,mesh semi-visible curtain, PVC & clear PVC etc.
Size Can be customised, maximum width 6m x height 3m
Wind Resistance Up to 120km/h
Operation Tubular motorised rolling up and down
Control system Single channel, 2 channels, 5 channels, 9 channels, etc.
UV Protection Factor 80+
Warranty period 5 years
Features Waterproof, fireproof, UV proof, windproof, durable
pergola shades
pergola shades
pergola blinds
pergola blinds

Blinds for Pergola

Louvresky’s ZIP blinds are carefully designed to perfectly match your pergola’s unique style, creating the ideal balance of shade, privacy, and aesthetics. With an array of colors, materials, and customizable features, you can effortlessly elevate the ambiance of your outdoor space.

Whether you’re hosting social gatherings, savoring tranquil moments, or creating a versatile environment for a range of activities, our pergola outdoor blinds have you well-prepared.  Engineered to withstand the elements, these pergola shades deliver enduring performance and enduring style.