About Us

LouvreSky Elevates Your Outdoor Living Experience in New Zealand

Welcome to LouvreSky, your premier destination for exceptional outdoor living solutions in Auckland. As a subsidiary of a well-established Australian company with over a decade of expertise in the field, we bring the same level of quality and craftsmanship to New Zealand.


Unmatched Expertise
With a sharp focus on aluminum pergolas, our specialized approach sets us apart in the industry.
We pride ourselves on being masters of this precise craft, offering innovative, high-quality solutions for your outdoor space.

Tailor-Made Excellence
At LouvreSky, customization is our hallmark. We understand that every home is unique, and we provide tailored solutions for your individual needs. Our extensive range of bespoke designs, spanning hundreds of options, ensures we can accommodate any property shape or style, promising a perfect fit for your space.

Hidden Luxury
Our aluminum pergolas are not just a functional addition; they are a statement of quality. The meticulous attention to detail extends from the hidden hardware and seamless motors to concealed drainage systems. The result is a sleek, visually striking addition to your home.

Quality Beyond Compare
Our commitment to quality is unwavering. From hardware and fittings to the overall finish, we ensure that every component and detail of our products meets the highest standards in the industry.

Visit Our Showroom
Located in the heart of Auckland, our showroom invites you to experience the elegance, functionality, and workmanship of our aluminum pergolas firsthand. See, touch, and feel our
products to truly appreciate the attention to detail.

Join the LouvreSky Family
We’re here to redefine your outdoor living space, providing an array of options and the highest standards in the industry. Join the LouvreSky family and elevate your outdoor living experience.
Let us help you create an outdoor space that’s uniquely yours, where you can bask in the sun and savor life. Get in touch or visit our Auckland showroom to start your journey toward the outdoor space of your dreams.