Experience the Innovation of Remote-Controlled Aluminium Pergolas

Aluminium Pergola


Modern Outdoor Aluminium Pergola in NZ

At Louvresky, we specialize in various of outdoor pergola solutions, customized to meet New Zealand people’s specific design preferences and functional needs. Our premium aluminium pergola is a versatile and innovative choice for any outdoor space.

Our state-of-the-art technology enables you to effortlessly control the rotating louvres with a simple touch of a handheld remote, adapting quickly to changing weather conditions. This feature allows you to maximize comfort whether you’re seeking shade on a sunny day or airflow on a warmer evening.

Each aluminium pergola is equipped with an intelligent rain sensor that automatically closes the louvres at the first hint of rain, ensuring your outdoor area remains dry and usable no matter the weather. When fully opened, the louvres allow an influx of sunlight, making the area underneath bright and welcoming. Conversely, when fully closed, they provide an elegant, interlocking shield that delivers exceptional weather protection and privacy.

What is a Smart Outdoor Aluminium Pergola?

Our outdoor Aluminium pergolas and horizontal louvre roofs are meticulously crafted from durable aluminum, creating a seamless blend of light and refreshing breezes when open.  Through an electric telescopic engine connection system and specially designed aluminum extrusions, the slats are hermetically sealed, ensuring water cannot penetrate.

When closed, these slats transform into channels that skillfully guide water towards dedicated sides with their unique canal systems, eventually draining the water away from your space. This functionality makes our Aluminium pergolas ideal for hosting events or relaxing outdoors in NZ, regardless of the weather.

Alongside our pergola offerings, we provide an array of related products such as pergola lights, which add ambiance and functionality to your outdoor environment. If you’re eager to explore more about our diverse product offerings or need advice on choosing the right pergola for your space, don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our pergola designs page. Our team is ready to assist you at any time to ensure you find the perfect solution for your outdoor needs.

Aluminium Pergola
Material Aluminum alloy 6005 T5
Span Blades 4500mm, beam 7000mm
Blades 200*35*2.0mm / 205*50*2.2mm
Gutters 100*65*2mm
Beams 200*70*3mm
Posts 126*126*2.5mm / 150*150*3mm / 200*200*6mm
Motor Grade IP67 with UL & CE certificate
Finish Powder Coated / PVDF match any RAL color
Drainage Hidden Drainage System
Optional Accessories Side curtains/LED Light/Wind and rain sensor/Heater, etc
QC Pre-assemble
Outdoor Pergola
Aluminium Pergola

Outdoor Aluminium Pergola in Auckland

Are you seeking to infuse your NZ outdoor living space with grace and sophistication? An aluminium pergola offers the ideal canvas for this transformation with numerous styles.

If modern and minimalistic is your preference, consider aluminium or steel pergolas. These materials blend durability with low maintenance, making them a wise choice for busy homeowners in New Zealand.

On the other hand, for those who appreciate tradition, a gable roof pergola could be the perfect fit. With its pitched roof and classic design, it bestows charm and character upon any backyard.

If you have a pool or spa, a pool pergola is a valuable addition. Designed to provide shade and privacy while keeping the outdoors at your fingertips, it’s the perfect balance. And for added protection from the elements, an enclosed pergola offers the solution.

At LouvreSky, we specialize in crafting custom pergolas tailored to your desires and needs. Whether you desire an aluminium pergola, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life. Our seasoned designers collaborate closely with you to craft an outdoor pergola in NZ that aligns with your unique specifications, and our skilled builders ensure a flawless installation. Contact us today to discover how we can transform your outdoor living space into the oasis of your dreams!