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Aluminium Pergola

Our signature pergola, built out of premium aluminium with a wide range selection of powder coating of your choice.

Retractable Patio Roof

Protects you from the sun reaching the Australian  UV protection standards. An affordable option for your home.

Sun Louvre

Sun Louvre with larger  louve panels comparing to our regular pergola louvre, provides more visibility to your building when opened.

Pergola Blinds

Keeps you away from winds, rains, and provides pest protections, along with some visual privacy protections and allow shadings to your property.

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Louvre Roof

Louvresky brings over 10 years of expertise in crafting louvre roof systems. Our premium louvre pergola and roof designs are the perfect addition to elevate any outdoor living space.

Benefits of Aluminium Louvre Roof

louvre roof

Durable & Reliable All our louvre roofs come with a 10-year warranty for your peace of mind

Our aluminum louvre roof boasts inherent resistance to rust and corrosion. Our cutting-edge technology, featuring an electric telescopic engine connection system, seamlessly adapts the louvre angles to provide sun protection. Furthermore, our pergolas guarantee 100% waterproofing through our concealed drainage system. These innovations are engineered to endure extreme weather conditions and fluctuations.

louvre pergola nz

Relax in Style Under Louvre Roof

With our adjustable louvres, you can enjoy outdoor living in any weather. Effortlessly tweak the blade angles using our intelligent remote control, ensuring your outdoor living spaces are not just comfortable but also entertaining and beautifully inviting.

Extensive Customization for Every Louvre Pergola

Our exceptionally customizable offerings empower customers to construct the perfect louvre pergola for their unique needs. Features like LED lights, heating elements, ZIP blinds, and shutter panels can further enhance the beauty and functionality of your louvre roof.



Enhancing Outdoor Living in Auckland

In Auckland, where summers are warm and winters are cool and moist, outdoor living spaces require specialized designs to meet unique climatic needs. At Louvresky, we specialize in custom aluminum pergolas and high-quality louvre roofs with automatic retractable patio roofs, tailored for the Auckland climate and similar regions.

Our louvre roofs are built from specially treated aluminum and stainless steel fittings, ensuring durability against Auckland’s frequent rainfall, salty air, and occasional strong winds. Our materials are structurally robust and thick, ensuring longevity.

The automatic retractable patio roof offers superior waterproofing, effectively draining water to prevent pooling, and adjustable louvre roofs provide ventilation and shade during warm summers, maintaining comfort and air circulation. Additionally, our louvre roofs feature a remote control system that operates everything from the louvres to the lights and heaters. Furthermore, we offer a wide range of colors for customization, allowing customers to choose the perfect shade to harmonize with their natural landscapes. This design not only withstands the elements but also harmonizes with natural landscapes, enhancing outdoor spaces aesthetically and practically.

Sustainability is at the core of our services, and we strive to minimize our environmental footprint by using sustainably sourced materials, aligning with New Zealand’s environmental values.

Choosing Louvresky means opting for a solution that integrates seamlessly with Auckland’s climate, enhancing your outdoor living with a product that promises quality and convenience. Our commitment includes a comprehensive 10-year warranty and annual servicing for optimal performance, ensuring that your pergola remains a beautiful and functional part of your home for years to come.

We provide free initial consultations, and measurements for our customers, making the process of enhancing your outdoor space simple and stress-free.